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Welcome to the 2020 Friends For Life Bike Rally!

Rider Registration & Fundraising

If you are a new participant, welcome! We are very excited to have you join us for this life-changing event.

If you are a returning participant, welcome back! We're thrilled that you've returned. 

On Sunday, August 9th, 2020, over 300 courageous individuals will depart on an incredible journey in support of people living with HIV/AIDS

in our communities.

Choose one of the following options: 


Choose "Sign Up".


Choose "Login" with your username and password from last year.

Please do not register as a new rider as you will not be able to access your fundraising information from previous years. 

If you registered in person with a paper form, please wait for a registration confirmation email – please do not register again. 

To search for and sponsor a participant, choose "Search"

If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact us by email at:bikerally@pwatoronto.org
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Top Fundraisers

Corporate Sponsorship$21,000.00
Geoff Gibson$10,025.00
Stephanie Pearl-McPhee$9,917.39
Robb Walker$8,971.00
Yannick Picard$8,225.00
Samuel Lapidus$6,695.00
Catherine Nasmith$6,205.00
Rob Veinott$6,070.00
Bike Rally General$5,402.75
Ariel Benibgui$4,130.00

Top Activity

Kurt Ilk999.9 km
Geoff Gibson847.5 km
Jeremy Hall674.1 km
Mike Loader627.6 km
Eli Elsasser598.2 km
Carol Grandison  donated  $500.00        Diane Morgan  donated  $300.00        Tu Tang  donated  $250.00        Christina Li  donated  $200.00        Cole Bennett  donated  $200.00        Lena Brazeau  donated  $200.00        Myron Kozak  donated  $200.00        Halle Cohen  donated  $180.00        Debbie Breuls  donated  $150.00        Almuth Weigeldt; John Longstaff  donated  $100.00        Anony Mouse  donated  $100.00        Anonymous  donated  $100.00        Anonymous  donated  $100.00        Anonymous  donated  $100.00        Carlos M  donated  $100.00        Carol Palis  donated  $100.00        Carol Thames  donated  $100.00        Carolyn Hepburn  donated  $100.00        Chris Ide  donated  $100.00        Crew to #Rally600  donated  $100.00        Gail  donated  $100.00        Jan Davidson  donated  $100.00        John at the YMCA  donated  $100.00        Julie Davis  donated  $100.00        Lesley B  donated  $100.00        Lincoln  donated  $100.00        Mary-Anne Pinto  donated  $100.00        Matt  donated  $100.00        Pete  donated  $100.00        Ryan Alafriz  donated  $100.00        Tom Fung  donated  $100.00        Wolfgang Webb  donated  $80.00        Jennifer Daly  donated  $75.00        Saul & Sheila  donated  $75.00        Larysa Giesen  donated  $60.00        Alison von Criegern  donated  $50.00        Anam Mustafa  donated  $50.00        Anchalee  donated  $50.00        Anchalee  donated  $50.00        Athena  donated  $50.00        Byron Bobbie  donated  $50.00        Cesarina  donated  $50.00        Denise Polesello  donated  $50.00        FrancesL  donated  $50.00        Jane Ferguson  donated  $50.00        Janet Walters  donated  $50.00        Jordan O’Reilly  donated  $50.00        Kelly Sullivan  donated  $50.00        Laurie Zack  donated  $50.00        Meg West  donated  $50.00        Micheline Montreuil  donated  $50.00        Neil Webster  donated  $50.00        Patrick Boily  donated  $50.00        Paul Lapierre  donated  $50.00        Paul Lapierre  donated  $50.00        Richard Vogt  donated  $50.00        Ronn Scott  donated  $50.00        Ruth Skupsky  donated  $50.00        Scott Harcourt  donated  $50.00        The Jewel Tone Brindle (and Black) Boys  donated  $50.00        AnnaMary McGuinty  donated  $40.00        Samantha Wright  donated  $40.00        Christine Campbell  donated  $30.00        Kim  donated  $30.00        Punam Khosla  donated  $30.00        Barb Kishimoto  donated  $25.00        Claudia Vicencio  donated  $25.00        Kelly  donated  $25.00        Piilonen Dottor Family  donated  $25.00        Suzanne Heaton  donated  $25.00        Your Bike Rally Husband  donated  $25.00        Averie McGuinty  donated  $20.00        Rob Wiltzen  donated  $20.00        Sarah Wu  donated  $10.00        Allan  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Beryl Cable-Williams  donated an undisclosed amount         Carol Bishop  donated an undisclosed amount         Christina Cross  donated an undisclosed amount         David & Isabelle  donated an undisclosed amount         Eva Lau  donated an undisclosed amount         Gail Hamelin  donated an undisclosed amount         Gary & Chester  donated an undisclosed amount         Jim Smith  donated an undisclosed amount         Jo Anne Shannon  donated an undisclosed amount         Joan Boudreau  donated an undisclosed amount         Kathy Tavares  donated an undisclosed amount         Matt Farish  donated an undisclosed amount         Michael Crook  donated an undisclosed amount         Michael Rosenstock  donated an undisclosed amount         paul coghill  donated an undisclosed amount         Robert Buckingham  donated an undisclosed amount         Shelley Spencer  donated an undisclosed amount         Suzanne HAGUE  donated an undisclosed amount         Victoria Sánchez  donated an undisclosed amount         Yulia  donated an undisclosed amount